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In Australia, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) facilitates the collection of taxes according to the legislation enacted by the Australian Government.

Reporting to the ATO is usually undertaken by Registered Tax Agents for income tax, capital gains tax, fringe benefits tax and more. Registered Tax Agents undergo many years of formal and on the job training to gain their registration, and must continue their professional education each year, so they are up to date with legislative changes.



How would you benefit?

  • You are not happy with your current accountant / Tax Agent
  • You would like regular communication from your tax accountant
  • You’d like to have an estimate of your tax payable amount, long before you need to pay
  • You are just starting out in business and need some advice
  • Upfront quotes for your accounting fees (in most cases)
  • You would like to know how to minimise your tax
  • You need cashflow advice


What are some of our most common services?

  • Individual tax returns (salary and wages)
  • Shares – dividends, capital gains/loss
  • Rental property schedules
  • Sole trader business schedules
  • Sole trader tax returns
  • Company tax returns
  • Discretionary family trust tax returns
  • Annual financial statements for SMEs
  • Unit Trusts
  • ASIC Corporate compliance
  • Set up of new companies
  • Set up of new Trusts
  • Register for ABN, GST, PAYGW and tax file numbers.
  • Year end tax planning – advice on how to (legally) minimise your tax payable
  • Fridge Benefits Tax (FBT) returns

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