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Payroll simply put is - payment given to a person for their time, to perform a certain task.

Payroll is quite a simple process that is often complicated by not having a clear understanding of what payroll actually is, how the software works, or what type of records are legally required to be kept and for how long.

How would you benefit?

If you have any of the following pain points, we can help

  • Leave not calculating correctly
  • No idea how much long service leave your staff have
  • It takes hours to process your payroll every run
  • You and/or your staff are double or even triple entering timesheets
  • You have added so many payroll variations you are lost
  • Your staff keep questioning their payslips
  • Your payroll person is about to go on leave or has quit
  • No clear procedures
  • You need to account for the following and you just can't figure it out:
    • Time lieu
    • Salary sacrifice
    • RDO's
    • RESC
    • Redundancy
    • Staff reimbursements or loans
    • Backpay or leave adjustments

What are some of our most common services?

  • Short term leave or absence cover
  • Payroll record keeping
  • Weekly / fortnightly / monthly processing
  • Setups
  • Long service leave calculations
  • Superannuation
    • RESC
    • Salary sacrifice
  • Payroll Tax calculations
  • Qleave
  • WorkCover assistance
  • Enterprise Bargaining Agreements (EBA) and Greenfield set ups*
  • Payment summaries
  • Termination processing
  • Time in lieu
  • Rostered day off
  • Paid parental leave
  • Single Touch Payroll (STP)
  • Time and attendance software
  • Termination pay calculations
  • Separation certificates

If what you require is not listed here, just ask

*we cannot provide HR advice on awards, (EBA's), Greenfield Agreements or pay rates only the setup and processing required under those employment instruments.

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