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Bookkeeping is accounting for all financial transactions (both internal and external) in a manner that both satisfies regulatory requirements and provides invested parties with reports that assist in the decision making process and shows current and past performance.

Basically nothing should be entered into your accounting software without a source document.

Bookkeeping and accounts functions have undergone significant changes over the last 5-10 years, its has shifted from data entry to compliance and reporting and has been further complicated by all the new payment methods and GST treatments.

How would you benefit?

If you have any of the following pain points, we can help

  • No real idea if you are paying the correct amount of GST
  • Accounts staff going on leave or have just quit
  • Inter entity movements, loans not reconciling
  • No clear procedures or consistency in coding
  • Still entering everything into your software manually
  • Still keeping paper records
  • Bank not reconciled for months
  • Not really sure of what a BAS is
  • No sure how to account for loans or new assets
  • Not  sure how to code premium insurance funding
  • Is your bookkeeping taking you away from what makes you your money
  • Not sure what compliance you need to be doing
    • TPAR
    • Fuel tax credits
    • Should I even be registered for GST
    • Trust accounting
    • BAS, IAS
    • FBT

What are some of our most common services?

  • Short term leave or absence cover
  • New software set ups
  • BAS, IAS preparation and lodgement
  • Daily/weekly/monthly processing
  • Accounting for new assets
  • Fuel tax credit calculation
  • TPAR processing
  • Recording chattel mortgages
  • Supplier statement reconciliations/payments
  • Debtor management
  • GST coding and auditing
  • Legal  trust accounting
  • Real estate trust accounting 

If what you require is not listed here, just ask

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