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This week has resulted in a lot of activity in our office as you could imagine – which we love the opportunity the Australian Government have given us for helping so many of our clients.  We thought it was worth putting together a summary of where everything stands now & keeping in mind that next week brings the end of the ever so important BAS period.   

Legislation has been passed through Parliament awaiting royal assent and most matters that were suggested by the Government have been agreed to & will be implemented by the various Government departments..  

As we are sure you are aware from all the media hype over the weekend the Australian Government has released a second Stimulus Package that has raised the initial injection of $17.6 billion to $189 billion.  Below we have highlighted the changes that have come through and once Parliament sits tomorrow (Tuesday) we will be able to advise you individually on your situation.  Please note the points highlighted below relate to businesses and there is additional support available for individuals that can be reviewed in the following link:

There are many areas that our amazing team at Aegis Business Services can support you on – so without overwhelming you during these unprecedented times we thought we would start by alerting you to the assistance the Government announced on Thursday. 

If you are an individual and expecting a refund, although it’s tempting to rush to your accountant on the 1st of July each year, you are better off waiting until mid-August to get your tax done.

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