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The new financial year means new tax rates; increased superannuation guarantee rates; minimum wage increase and award rates increases. But when do they all apply?

There are a lot of questions floating around on social media about when the new tax withholding, super & award rate increase apply. What happens if the days worked in the pay week splits across the end of financial year?? There’s also a lot of incorrect information being provided and a lot of guess work.

Read our Blog for the correct information.

Finally, with only 3 business days left of the 2024 financial year, the Australian Parliament has passed the bill to legislate the increase in the Small Business Instant Asset Write Off from $1,000 to $20,000 for the period 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024. We are now just awaiting  “Royal Assent” for this measure to become law. Royal Assent these days is pretty quick and is essentially a rubber stamp process. This measure was announced in the May 2023 budget and has taken more than a year to pass through both houses of government. 

Read our blog to find out what this means for your business.

Last night was the Federal Budget announcements, our friends at Tax Nuggets have compiled this summary of the 2024/25 budget items which look to affect small businesses and individuals. Note that some of these changes are not yet law.

In May each year, Aegis Business Services, through its audit insurance provider, Audit Shield, offer our clients, for whom we are the nominated tax agent, to be covered by our audit insurance policy. 

Read our blog to find out more about audit insurance and whether you should take up the offer. Our previous blog also includes two case studies about a couple of recent ATO audits we’ve assisted our clients through. 

With the increase in ATO audit activity, we have put together a couple of case studies around recent audits we have helped our clients through. Have a read on our blog.

In both personal finances and business management, tax planning is a vital practice that goes beyond simply reducing tax bills. While minimising taxes is important, tax planning involves a more holistic approach aimed at optimising financial efficiency and aligning with long-term financial goals. Let's delve into what tax planning really entails and its broader implications:

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