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In both personal finances and business management, tax planning is a vital practice that goes beyond simply reducing tax bills. While minimising taxes is important, tax planning involves a more holistic approach aimed at optimising financial efficiency and aligning with long-term financial goals. Let's delve into what tax planning really entails and its broader implications:

The Small Business Technology Investment Boost was only passed a few days ago so has not been considered in our tax planning estimates, if this applies to you then WINNER!

Each year, the ATO takes a closer look at various areas and focus their audit activity there. For the 2023 financial year, the ATO has shared what its key focus areas are: 

  • Rental property deductions 
  • Work-related expenses; and 
  • Capital gains tax. 

June is the perfect time to arrange a bookkeeper to clean up and overhaul your business' accounting file ready for your tax accountant to either do tax planning before the end of financial year, or be able to prepare your June quarter BAS and tax returns easily. Plus, by organising a clean with a bookkeeper and paying the fee before the end of financial year, you can claim the fee as a tax deduction this year!

As the 2023 financial year comes to a close it is important to start thinking about your tax planning strategy.  We have outlined some simple steps to take that could potentially save money on your tax bill and ensure there are no hidden surprises. 

Last night was the Federal Budget announcements, our friends at Tax Nuggets have compiled this summary of the 2023 budget items which look to affect small businesses. Note that these are not yet law.

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