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Is Fear Stalling Your Rise to Business Success?

Is Fear Stalling Your Rise to Business Success?

Last Wednesday night we held our popular Quarterly Quality Conversations client event at the Grandview Hotel in Cleveland. Our guest speaker, Steve Sandor from Inspiring Business (https://inspiringbusiness.net/), talked us through the various stages of owning a business and the emotions attached with them.

Of particular interest to me (as I know them well) the most common emotion is fear, the common types of fear being:

  • Fear of losing control
  • Fear of leaving money on the table
  • Fear of leaking profits

Most fear is generated by lack of knowledge and transparency.  We see this a lot when strategically working with clients on their business through their numbers. Quite often the fear isn’t even warranted! But we know for sure that the more knowledge they gain in the numbers in their business and particularly the numbers that drive the financial statements, the less fear they have.  They also can take actions if money is being left on the table or profits are leaked. They can then answer the questions:

  • How much?
  • Where?
  • How can I fix it?

Do you know your numbers and have the confidence to rely on them when fear inevitable creeps in?

I think it’s so important that you can answer this question. I’m offering a complimentary meeting to explore this with you on your business.

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