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Introducing our Demystifying Business Program

Introducing our Demystifying Business Program

If You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning to Fail” — Benjamin Franklin.

We are seeing so many issues in business and burnout in business owners from lack of planning, clarity and understanding the numbers that drive their business.  We know that around 86% of all businesses do not have a documented plan and 75% don’t understand their numbers. Is it any surprise that only 1 in 8 startups survive into their 2nd year and many more businesses don’t last past 5 years?

Introducing our “Demystifying Business” Program which begins to solve this problem.

We have developed a program to develop a business strategy to improve your financial literacy and increase the business’ revenue and profit. We do this through regular catch ups where we guide you and hold you accountable for the actions we set together. Our aim is to improve the sustainability of your business so you can do all those things you got into business to do. Was it a more flexible working life? How about volunteering with your community? Making money that you can then use to invest, or to travel? Spend more time with your family? We all have different reasons for getting into business.

What our clients say about our program:

“It’s great finally beginning to understand what the Balance Sheet means.” - MC

“It’s good seeing all the figures. Scary but also good to know. The thing of most value is knowing that Tori in our quarter.” – LH

“I feel so much better finally knowing how much money to be set aside for taxes.” – KD

“Finally, someone has explained my figures in a way I can understand them.” – KR (said through happy tears).

If you feel you have lack of clarity, are burning out, or just want more profit, give us a call on 07 3207 1030 to find out more. If you are ready to get started NOW, book directly into Tori’s calendar for a complimentary meeting to get started using this link: https://calendly.com/tori-aegis/45-min-assessment-meeting

Ready to make a change?

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